Brand Identity and Graphic Design

Creating design solutions for brand identities, corporate literature, websites, marketing material, and product packaging.

Logos, business cards, favicons, web content and product packaging

Your business is unique, our goal is to a create brand identity that is smart, sexy, and cohesive. Our goal is to combine functionality and form in everything we design leaving the client with a visual that is memorable, professional and distinct.

Brands have the ability to impact the way the customers perceive our products. Consumers rarely just see a product or service; they view the product together with the brand. What does the Mercedes’ emblem symbolize?  Do we really feel like “We are in Good Hands” with State Farm? It is not about which product or service is best, but rather which product or service do customers’ think is best.

To highlight this concept here is an excerpt by Tim Calkins from the book ‘Kellogg on Branding’:

To demonstrate the power of a brand to shape expectations, I conducted a simple study with MBA students. I first asked a group of students what they would expect to pay for a pair of good-quality, 18 carat gold earrings with two 0.3 carat diamonds. I asked a second group of students how much they would pay for the same earrings, only this time I added the words “from Tiffany”. I asked a third group the same question, but this time changed “from Tiffany” to “from Wal-Mart”.

The results were striking. The average price of the unbranded earrings was $550. With Tiffany branding, the average price increased to $873, a jump of almost 60%. This increase was solely due to the addition of the Tiffany brand. With the Wal-Mart branding, the price expectation fell to just $81, a decline of 85% from the unbranded earrings and a decline of 91% from the Tiffany branded earrings.

In our web centric world, visual is king.  Pinterest has demonstrated the effectiveness of visuals when it comes to marketing brands.  Pinterest is hot. In fact, in March 2012 the site served up 2.3 billion page impressions to over 4 million unique visitors a day.  Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of all social media purchases.  Mashable 4/12

We believe corporate branding is more than just designing a logo.   It’s about capturing a look that is reflective of your business while conveying the professionalism your clients expect.

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