Content Writing in 2018

Content Marketing Best Practices: Content Writing in 2018

It can be scary being a content marketer with so many brands and people putting content out each day about their products. How do you get your product out there and stand out to your prospective buyers? Even scarier is the thought that your competitors just need to be better at their content marketing and you could be in a lot of trouble when it comes to sales. In 2018 you have to be smart in the way you approach your content marketing and that’s why we have the following tips on best practices you should follow to forge meaning relations with those your products target. Ok, let’s get into it.

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Content Writing in 2018

Don’t sell inform

As you already know content marketing is the process of marketing your business with content online. This can be through written, audible or visual form. With these 3 forms, your content should be telling your prospects why they should use your product, trust it and so on. If you are just putting your product out there and not educating people on it, answering questions about it and explaining what problems its solves you will lose rather than attract prospects because it looks yours all about sales.

Know your audience

You need to know who you want to communicate with if you don’t your message may not be what your target audience wants to hear and they will just move on to something else whenever they see your content instead of clicking or downloading because it doesn’t resonate or catch their attention. Who is your content for and what do they want to know, is a question you must answer if your content marketing is to be effective. Knowing the audience will make it easier to create content because you customize it to the readers need.


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Have a content published frequently

Consistently putting out content makes you remain visible and relevant. To do this frequently and constantly create a content calendar. In it outlines who is to create the content, who is to maintain and update it, the resource needed to come up with content, when do you publish etc. Determine how often you publish according to your resources, marketing goals, and audience needs or preferences.

Have quality content

If you target to establish and maintain a credible brand voice then your content needs to be the best. It needs to be of value to the target audience and well packaged. That is the #1 secret of content marketing it adds value. No need producing content just for the sake of producing it doesn’t help anyone.

Share content strategically

Use the various formats available to distribute your content for the best reach. At times content sent via email is best other times social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn. Always asses which is the best ways to send out your content or do a combination of blogs, virtual events, webinars and so on.

Measure impact of content

Lastly, you need to monitor if the content you are putting out is actually achieving its desired results. You can set up in Google Analytics and check if they are met. If they are your content is fine if not you need to change your content until its top notch and reaches and ropes in your prospects.

Content Writing in 2018

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