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AgilIron is an open and flexible tool. That means sometimes the biggest challenge in implementing this solution is sorting through all of your options and defining what is your best use of this amazing tool. Your eCommerce trainer will work shoulder to shoulder with you to evaluate your business needs and how you can best utilize AgilIron to implement your individual business needs.

We offer a Basic Deployment package that includes the following:

  • Product Configuration and Import Design – AgilIron makes it easy to set up your inventory and products and track many details of your products. O2 has many custom field capabilities and your eCommerce trainer will design an Excel template for you to complete that will bring in all of the information you need with a short import process in AgilIron. And voila – AgilIron will then be your complete database of all your products!
  • User Configuration and Security Settings – AgilIron offers flexible user settings and security permissions. Your eCommerce trainer will help you identify your user and security needs, and then configure your AgilIron appropriately.
  • Reporting – because AgilIron is built on a robust, flexible database platform, you have many options in terms of the reports you can generate once your data is in the system. Your eCommerce trainer will help you define the reports that will provide ongoing, critical information to manage your business.
  • Channel Configuration – AgilIron successfully integrates up to three distinct channels – eCommerce, POS and eBay. Your eCommerce trainer will help you determine which channels to implement and then help you set-up each of those channels. The result? An integrated, central database that is easy to use and has everything in one place.  The Basic Deployment Package includes one channel configuration. Additional channels will be configured at an additional cost.
  • Unlimited Email Support – Your eCommerce team will provide three months of unlimited email support as part of your Basic Deployment package. Additional support can be purchased separately in the Premium Support package or by incident.

Pricing – call us to discuss your needs.

Basic Support Plan

Email support – unlimited for up to 3 months

Pricing – included with all deployment contracts

Premium Support Annual Plan

Email support – unlimited for the year

Phone support – up to 6 hours of phone support per quarter. Quarterly Review – one hour conference call each quarter to discuss what is working well, what would like to improve and determine next steps to leverage the use of AgilIron in your business

Pricing – $199.95 per month if agree to automatic payment plan

Incident Support

Pricing – $150 per hour with a one hour minimum charge per incident

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