We develop marketing and communication strategies for businesses. We design and produces key marketing messaging and promote our client’s services through written success stories, videographies, press releases and social media. Our job is to find the thing that makes your business different and tell a story that rises above all the noise we call the Internet.

Integrated marketing communication strategy begins with a focus on the customer –

  • What are their unmet needs?
  • What do the competitors offer?
  • How do they get by now?
  • What goes into the buying decision?
  • Where are they? Online? Mobile? Conferences?
  • Who do they turn to for advice?
  • What are their alternatives?

As we delve into these questions, we begin to develop the target demographic. Understanding the target demographic allows us to address their pain point and help companies develop a solution to meet the customer’s unmet needs.

Marketing and Communication Strategies

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
― George Bernard Shaw

We use traditional communications tools and tactics to reach the media and other critical influencers.  In addition, we leverage web and social media channels to stimulate conversations and to enhance your reputation in the marketplace.  We understand that marketing is a continuing effort to constantly keep your message in front of prospective clients.  Our job is to ensure you are “always top of mind.”

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Our approach ensures that:

  • your brand message clearly identifies your differentiation in the marketplace and the value proposition offered to your clients;
  • your branding and collateral are consistent across all mediums;
  • your messengers learn to convey confidence;
  • your public relations, social media, marketing, and business development activities support one another in a timely and strategic fashion; and
  • your communications efforts combine to build lasting relationships in the media and the marketplace.

Our job is to understand the vision you have for your company and your clients and develop a strategic marketing and communications plan to make your vision become reality.